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Kijoma Broadband - Network status - Planned maintenance - Upgrade schedule
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Date:. 26/10/2009

Maintenance:. An automatic software upgrade to a core router that feeds part of Plaistow (lower rickmans lane area) seems to have failed and the router is inoperative sad , we will resolve this as soon as possible. .

Date:. 26/10/2009

Maintenance:. Following yesterdays repair and upgrade work, in addition we had to reconfigure the routing for Burton mill area, this has been completed this morning (08:34) , apologies for the inconvenience due to this temporary loss of service. .

Date:. 25/10/2009

Maintenance:. The link router from Bignor Park failed at 3am Sunday morning, We replaced this with a new one and all but 4 customers are back on as of Sunday 6pm. The remaining 4 require a revisit Monday to finalise the upgrade that occurred as part of this work. .

Date:. 04/07/2009

Maintenance:. An outage occurred today as a result of a failure at our hosts server in London, This affected all customers for between 30 mins and 2 hours. The cause of this has been identified and resolved by the hosts.

Date:. 21/05/2009

Maintenance:. An outage occurred this evening due to a combination of works in London and a problem with a local server not restoring connectivity after that works. The cause of this has been identified and resolved.

Date:. 19/01/2009

Maintenance:. A high latency and lower than usual throughput issue present for the last 5 days or so has been traced to an edge router in London and fixed.

Date:. 14/01/2009

Maintenance:. Major work to upgrade backhaul and other server functions planned for this week, some interruptions to services such as email will occur and we will try to minimise this as much as possible .

OLD news


Date:. 04/06/2008

Status:.All systems running ok

Maintenance:.Chilgrove Area - Additional works in progress to provide further coverage of the Chilgrove, West Sussex area in order to provide service to the more remote outlying properties. this is an extension of Chilgrove Phase 3

Date:. 03/06/2008

Status:.All systems running ok

Maintenance:. Infrastructure upgrades are planned for this month, this affects service in the Rackham area of West Sussex. Work will improve performance in this recently covered area

Date:. 21/06/2008

Status:.All systems running ok

Maintenance:. Rackham area network upgraded, Phase3A extension to chilgrove operational, this provides service to a few outlying properties not covered by Phase3

Date:. 21/06/2008

Maintenance:. Extensive works continue on the Plaistow (west sussex) network. Kijoma took over the wifi mesh network for this area and is currently replacing the mesh with our system. Native service now available to the north and south of the village including rickmans lane and the street

Date:. 01/07/2008

Maintenance:. An outage occurred on one network due to a core router failure, service restored within approx 2 hours

Date:. 11/07/2008

Maintenance:. Slow DNS (domain name) look up issue has been resolved, this only affected traffic since 5 a.m.

Date:. 26/07/2008

Maintenance:. Email was delayed due to a problem with our inbound and outbound email virus scanner. this was resolved within 2 hours of being reported.

Date:. 27/08/2008

Maintenance:. A power supply failure at our core server for the Arun Valley network failed in the early hours of this morning. This is the first failure of this type since the server went live in 2005 and service was restored by about 10:00 a.m. with the fitting of a new power unit.

Date:. 05/09/2008

Maintenance:. Hooksway - West sussex - Intermittent cable fault discovered and resolved.

Date:. 09/09/2008

Status:. An occasional intermittent fault has been experienced on the Arun Valley network, this seems to relate to a core network router and we will be investigating the problem .

Date:. 13/09/2008

Status:. The Email virus scanner was updated today and caused a delay in email delivery for Kijoma mail server customers, apologies for this .

Date:. 17/10/2008

Status:. The Email server has had to be shut down for a while due to an infected customer machine sending out large amounts of virus spam, this has been traced as far as our interface to the remains of the old Plaistow Mesh system, identification is difficult from then on so we have blocked all email from these users until the issue is resolved. We will get the email back up as soon as possible, there will be delays to AOL and YAHOO/BT destinations as these both block servers they receive spam from .

Date:. 03/11/2008

Maintenance:. One of the servers for our Sussex/Surrey network has had a new web accelerator drive fitted and more memory added, this was done to alleviate problems with slow web pages due to the failure of the old drive and to generally increase performance to match the influx of new customers .

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