The Parish Community Group is seeking funding to subsidise the basic Broadband installation cost*

This funding will be provided on a “first come first served” basis and continue until it is exhausted. Register your demand now to reduce the chance of paying full price later.

How it works?

Kijoma is a Fixed Wireless ISP. This means we use small Aerials on a special licensed radio band to provide our service. We use the latest secure technology to provide superior speed and performance.

We have no reliance on phone lines and our system can also provide telephone service at greatly reduced cost compared to traditional phone lines as well as greater clarity.

BT line rental is currently £14.60 for a residential line, with our system using ( you can keep your existing number** and the only fixed cost is £2.40 a month inc . The call costs are very low too and totally free to other users of the same technology/system. See website for details.


Our service does not require a Modem or ADSL Router, the service is presented via “Ethernet” cable in a similar way to a Virgin Media “Cable” connection. Any Cable Router, Wifi Access Point, Hub, Switch or PC that has an Ethernet input will work (Nearly all PC's have). Some existing ADSL type Routers, including Home Hubs can be used if the ADSL section can be disabled via its control interface.

What else can Kijoma Provide?

We can provide Commercial and Professional Wifi Access Points, Network Hubs/Switches/Routers, Fixed IP addresses and other specialist services via our local I.T. Partners.

The Parish Community Group would like to add:-
Lack of reliable internet access was a major concern within Tatenhill Parish and is a top priority project in the Parish Plan. A Parish Broadband Strategy has identified that an agreement between the Parish Community Group and Kijoma Solutions Ltd to set up a new wireless network system is the best way to solve the problem quickly. Tatenhill Parish Council have provided 50% of the capital funding to establish the Network.

New customers will be charged a very reduced standard installation fee of £80. The Parish Community Group are currently raising additional funding which will allow a grant to be given to each household towards this cost, however the amount of grant cannot be determined yet.

There will be a finite amount of money and grants will be given on a first come, first served basis.

The Parish Council and Community Group will soon be undertaking a survey to each premises to find out more about existing internet provision in the area (which will help it obtain external funding) and the likely take-up for the new wireless network system. This will not commit you, but will help determine the amount of funding likely to be needed.''

  • Assumes a standard installation whereby the installer fits the aerial and cable where required with straight forward access to the relevant required locations. Customers who give specific, difficult or time consuming requirements to the installer or if the installation requires a larger aerial and/or a return visit then there maybe a charge above the subsidised amount. We use local professional aerial installers.

    • BT do make a one off charge of ~£20 to move your existing number away from them, Voipfone can help you with this process. Either a VoIP phone can be purchased or a small box that you can plug into your new Broadband service and your existing Phone (each option is about £50).
With Voipfone you can have multiple Phones on a single line and use them simultaneously, you can also add more lines and have access to their comprehensive PBX (personal exchange) feature, ideal for business.